ASIYA – The New Modest Active Wear For The Sporty Muslimah

Did you know that the participation rate of Muslim girls in sports is about half that of their peers? One of the barriers to participation is the clothing worn for religious and cultural reasons. Asiya aims to change that.


ASIYA™ is culturally-appropriate activewear.  ASIYA honours and encourages Muslim women of all ages—young girls, tweens, teens, mature women—to experience a new level of confidence, cultural integrity, comfort, and health.


Sports participation is important for building lifelong leadership skills and self-confidence. In fact, in one survey it was discovered that 94% of women executives participated in sports (Source: EY Women Athletes Business Network & espnW, October 2014). We want all girls to have the opportunity to establish healthy lifestyles and build a foundation for future success.

Her first line of products — sports hijabs — will enable Muslim girls and women to be physically active and participate in sports while upholding their religious and cultural beliefs.


And if you don’t wear a hijab, you can still support this effort to empower more young women to play (and win).



ASIYA is creating three styles of sports hijabs to meet the specific needs of the Muslim female athletes who inspired and designed them.


Designed to stay secure without the need for pins, our stretchy one-size-fits-all sports hijabs have a unique head-band feature inside to hold the hijab tight to the base of the neck. The ASIYA™Sport style now also comes in a Youth size, for girls age 10 and under.



Each style is made from our unique sweat-wicking and breathable soft mesh ASIYA™Cool fabric technology, so athletes can stay cool and comfortable while dressing modestly.

Finally, a line of sports hijabs to help Muslim girls and women alike enjoy all the benefits of playing sports.


We Believe In Modesty — Clothing can represent your beliefs and who you are as a person.

We Believe In Freedom — Clothing should enable your endeavors, not be a barrier.

We Believe In The Power Of Sport — Participation in sports helps set girls up for success as students, community members, and future leaders.


We are in the midst of worldwide dialogue around topics like immigration, what women should and shouldn’t wear, and overall racial equality, questioning how we honor freedom of expression and inclusion.

At the same time, amazing Muslim female athlete role models are emerging as international sports organisations are lifting their bans on headwear to allow Muslim women to compete in the hijab.

Earlier this year we even saw the first-ever US Olympian compete in a hijab, silver medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad (who reportedly chose to pursue fencing because the helmet covered her hair and neck). We want to join these amazing athletes as champions of inclusion and empowerment.

The idea for ASIYA began in the Brian Coyle Community Center gym, in the Cedar-Riverside neighbourhood of Minneapolis, where Fatimah Hussein has been helping young Muslim girls gain access to sports and physical activity for the past decade. She founded a non-profit program — G.I.R.L.S. (Girls Initiative in Recreation and Leisurely Sports) — to create girls-only gym time several nights a week.

As the girls gained self-confidence and a love of sports, they wanted athletic uniforms and apparel that let them compete in public while upholding their religious and cultural beliefs.

In a collaboration with the Cedar-Riverside community and the University of Minnesota, prototype basketball uniforms were developed in 2015, but Fatimah soon realized that a versatile line of sports hijabs — something that wasn’t readily available in the U.S. or anywhere — would create many more opportunities for girls to participate and grow through team play.


That realization inspired several generations of prototypes that were tested by the girls to optimize for fit, fabric, and performance. Experienced marketer Jamie Glover, who credits sports for helping to shape who she is today, joined Fatimah to build a brand so they could meet this need beyond Minneapolis.

Fatimah Hussein, CEO, Co-Founder 

As a Licensed Graduate Social Worker, Fatimah has been dedicated to serving her community in Minneapolis for many years. Recognizing the need for girls-specific physical activities in the Muslim community specifically, she established the non-profit organization Girls Initiative in Recreation and Leisurely Sports (G.I.R.L.S.) in 2008, which provides resources and gym access for girls. Now she’s driven to make sure every Muslim girl who wants to play sports is able to play sports and gain all the lifelong benefits without needing to compromise her cultural beliefs.

Jamie Glover, President & COO, Co-Founder

Growing up playing competitive sports through college, including being named All-American Honorable Mention in volleyball, Jamie strongly believes that the court and field are critical classrooms for learning leadership, teamwork, and lessons like how to win with grace and lose with dignity. After ten years managing marketing roles for major brands, she is excited about working on this social venture, using business for good and making a meaningful impact in the world.


Please support this campaign to help us create innovative activewear that is easy to move in, to play in, to compete in, and ultimately honor and encourage Muslim women of all ages to experience the benefits of playing sports while upholding their religious and cultural beliefs. Thank you!

ASIYA is available for Pre-Order Here!

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