Balikis Abiola Bankole


Balikis Abiola Bankole. 21. London. CEO, Founder Afrokanist Magazine.


“I found my free-will in my hijab, it is more than modest dressing for me, it is a statement, a symbol of who I am, my hijabs are usually colorful yet elegant. However the most important aspect of the hijab for me is that, it is far from being a symbol of submission, I am not obliged to wear it, after all I have the free-will not to wear it, but for me it is a symbol of resistance and unity, there is an Islamic community and culture that I absolutely love and when I do wear my hijab and a Muslim sister says “Salam Alaykum sister” , I feel connected and content because we live in a world where we are like robots and it is wrong, humanity means the world to me Ubuntu is a Zulu saying which means “I am because you are”.




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