BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE – Fatima Taini Ozeto

“Be who you are supposed to be, not what people want you to be.”

A problem a lot of face today is low self-esteem. Many of us do not believe in our abilities or like the people we are. We tend to look at our reflections in the mirror and utter statements like only if I was fatter/thinner/prettier/richer, while some of us believe that the only way for us to be content with who we are is when we are accepted by others. We feel we have to live in order to please people, which is the worst mistake anyone could ever make. We should never ever do anything to please people because, people would always have nasty things to say. Allah is the only one we should aim to please all the time.   society       Source: instagram Society can just never be pleased with you, which is why society should not matter. We need to develop confidence, not too much of it, but a lot of it. We need to believe that what we are doing makes us happy and most importantly makes Allah happy. We need to believe in our skills and accept the people we are, because that’s the only way we can have peace of mind. Inferiority complex and low self-esteem will only destroy you. You will end up wasting your whole time trying to be accepted by people who do not matter, people who cannot do anything for you, people who don’t even care about you. Some girls and boys end up developing disgusting characters all in the name to impress some people, people who I do not know. They looked down on themselves to the extent that they have become puppets for other people to make jokes out of. Trust me, the “mean girls” and “bad boys” may look cool now, but 20 years from now when the real life starts you think it would matter? When we leave this fantasy, when we start lives of our own, become independent, start our own families, do you really think any of this would matter? No one would have time to worry about having the most instagram likes or twitter followers, no one would care about knowing that amount of people, no one would care about being the coolest or the hottest, no one would care because everyone is now in the real world and the sooner we realise this, the better for us. Your physical appearances don’t matter if you don’t have a good character anyways. If your inside is beautiful, why care about the outside? I’m not saying you should not take a bath and look nice, I’m talking about having a good heart, a beautiful soul, a great personality. Being able to change the lives of people, because trust me you can. You are on this earth for a reason, you can touch someone’s life, change the world. You should never think of being insignificant you are here for a reason, remember that. You should never look down on the person you are because “people” ridicule you. Never look down on yourself especially when you are doing the right thing. People’s opinions don’t matter, only Allah’s view on you does, that is important. Trust me, if Allah sees you as amazing, you are. If Allah accepts you and everyone else rejects you, you are the best, and if Allah sees you as nothing and everyone thinks you are the best, you are absolutely nothing, so why are you trying to impress people who do not matter. Allah is the only one who matters, please Him. Develop the habit of being happy with who you are, always aim to achieve better than the last time. To be honest, you should not live your lives for anyone, to please anyone. Always remember, you are living this world for your akhira, not for that cute boy or girl on Facebook, or the popular kids in school, it is for the life after you die. So the only thing that should matter is Allah and trust me, when you live your life only to please Allah you have found the purpose of life and eternal happiness.

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