The First Ever Miss Muslimah USA Pageant

A beauty pageant for American Muslim women took place in Columbus, Ohio on the 9th this July offering Muslim women a chance to compete in a beauty pageant without sacrificing their religious values and beliefs.

Muslim women from all around the united states arrived in Columbus, Ohio to participate in this pageant. Although the event was founded in part to celebrate the style and elegance of Muslim women, the ladies were also assessed based on Modesty, intelligence, and character.

The Miss Muslimah USA was established by a woman named Maghrib Abdus-Shahid, whose passion was to create a platform for Muslim women to be covered and still feel beautiful in America.

For many of the women who enter the competition, Miss Muslimah promises a platform that not only permits but requires the symbol of modesty. For many of the women, the hope also is that an emphasis will be placed more on faith and intellectual rigour than on superficial definitions of womanhood.

The requirements are very different from the traditional Miss USA — Requirements. To join the Miss Muslimah pageant you are required to be Muslim and Must wear hijab. It is also based on 5 categories; Best Burkin, Best Surah recitation, Best Abayah, Best modest special Occasion dress, and Best answered question.

According to Founder Maghrib Abdus-Shahid: In today’s modern world it is complicated for Muslim women to enter into pageants because of the categories such as swimwear, so I created the Miss Muslimah pageant to allow women to be able to have the choice of wearing a Burkini, which is a modest swimsuit for women. I want to show the intelligence & inner beauty of the woman more than her physical appearance. The Miss Muslimah pageant also allows the Muslim woman to finally have a chance to represent their country proudly wearing the crown on top of their hijab. The Miss Muslimah pageant USA brings hope to Muslim women young and old all over! This is the change America needs! For Muslim women to be represented in a positive light.

The winner Khadijah Ismaeal was awarded $5000 cash prize.


The runner up received a cash prize of $1000 diamond necklace and a surprise gift.


Contestants line up on stage during the event.

Halima Aden poses with a few attendants at the Miss Muslimah Pre-party.

Attendants take fun pictures at the photo booth.



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