Happy Muslim Women’s Day!

Thanks to the effort and dedication of Muslimgirl.com and its partners, Teen Vogue, MTV, Huffington Post, Refinery29, Teen Vogue, Tumblr, Twitter and more. Muslim Women’s Day has finally come to life this March 27th, and people all over the world are participating. This day is all about centering Muslim women’s stories and voices and highlighting muslim media representation.

We think it’s important to elevate Muslim women’s voices, especially in this moment. With the hype around the Women’s March and the national conversation taking place around the Muslim Ban both in the United States and around the world, it’s time to hear from a community that’s often talked about but rarely given the chance to speak. In the age of social media and the internet, we’re only one click away from changing that. – Muslimgirl.com

Thanks to efforts like the Women’s March and Day Without a Woman, activists have managed to raise much awareness around the particular struggles women face today. But more needs to be done to rally support around Muslim women.

Muslim Women’s Day is not just a day to celebrate Muslim women, but also a day to highlight their voices on platforms and in spaces that so regularly drown them out.

Here’s how you can participate in Muslim Women’s Day:

Celebrate  A Muslim Woman Who Inspires You Using The Hashtag #MuslimWomen’sDay

Make Your Solidarity Known, both Online & in real life.

Share Contents Online Highlighting The Experiences of Muslim Women

Elevate Muslim Women’s Voices Online


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