Hijabi Hair Care 101: Keeping a Healthy Hair Underneath

Sometimes it’s tempting to hide whatever our hair has decided to do today under your hijab. Nobody will see, right? Resist that temptation in order to avoid the common ‘hijabi hair’ complaints: receding hairline, breakage, and flat hair. Care for your hair, and it will reward you by being shining and beautiful when the hijab comes off.

Stay healthy

Hair reflects your general health, so take care of yourself! Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and eat healthy foods along with the right vitamins and supplements for healthy hair, and it will naturally grow out strong and shiny. Your hijab itself helps protect your hair from harmful ultraviolet light and shine-dulling dust, so you’re a step ahead as long as you care for your hair properly the rest of the time.

Learn good hair practices

Brush dry hair daily to keep it tangle-free. Shampoo as infrequently as possible – twice a week at most. Brush before you wash your hair, use a gentle baby shampoo, lather carefully to avoid tangling, and let dry completely before styling – wet hair is fragile. Use conditioner, either rinse-out or a healthy oil, to keep your hair from drying out and breaking. Trim off dry split ends, about a centimetre every two months, to keep hair sleek and healthy.

Style carefully

When you’re ready to go out, especially in hot and humid weather, prepare your hair properly. Most sisters like ponytails or braids to keep stray locks from sneaking out from under their hijab. Be sure to use cloth or cloth-covered ties, since rubber and plastic pull and break hair. Be certain your hair is completely dry, then create your favorite under-hijab style. Bind it as loosely as you can to avoid headache.

Protect your hair

Wear an underscarf to keep the hijab from rubbing your hair all day. Both the underscarf and hijab should made of the lightest, gentlest materials available and left as loose as possible to keep your scalp cool and dry. Don’t be afraid to use hairpins to keep the underscarf in place and stray locks under control. Then put your hijab over it all and finish dressing.

Give hair some freedom

Remove your hijab whenever you can at home, and undo your hairstyle to let hair flex and breathe. To return volume, bend over and brush upside down for a moment, then stand up straight, flipping your hair over your head to fall down your back. Gently brush again and style in your favorite loose hairdo.

The fact that nobody sees your hair under the hijab is no excuse for neglecting it. If you already have problem hair, today is the day to begin fixing it. Your hair can recover, and you’ll feel better about your hair and yourself.

How do you keep a healthy hair underneath? Do share with us, we’d love to know!

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