My Dream Baby Shower! #ItsaBoy

Masha’Allah I’m filled with so much happiness and gratitide as I write this post.  My baby shower thrown by my amazing mother-in-law; Alhaja Ganiyat Akorede, was held last weekend at the Masjid ul Mumineen Hall, 8875 Benning Dr Houston, TX.



I got married to my soulmate a day before Ramadan, Friday June 27th 2014 and we’re expecting our first child! And Alhamdulilah – Its a bouncing baby boy! Our family and friends keep asking us about the babys name, but Mahmoud and I are keeping it a secret until he’s born! Right now, he is #BabyOlympio or Mahmoud Jnr!


My fav part was the activity center. The kids had a field day decorating onesies and painting diapers!

IMG_7645 IMG_7653  IMG_7652IMG_7651


The cake table, fruit baby, my seating area…. Breathtaking to me. I didn’t expect it!



IMG_7710 IMG_7626 IMG_7639

The Mumineen Academy kids are just the best ever! The entertained everyone with a song dedicated to all the mothers masha’Allah!



Jazzakalahukahiran to everyone for all the love and support you’re giving us through this amazing journey of pregnancy and parenthood. May Allah continue to bless you and grant you all your heart’s desires!

IMG_7793 IMG_7787

IMG_7659  IMG_7656

IMG_7722 IMG_7876  IMG_7686

_MG_9257 IMG_7839 IMG_7772

My baby shower was so fun! My husband, mother-in-law, children of the Mumineen Academy, family members, and friends did such a great job with everything. They definitely made it a special day for me!

All the pictures were taken by Brother Ashraf of Sweetish Inc.

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