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Naballah Chi. 23. Trinidad & Tobago. Fashion Editor, Blogger, & Designer. 


“As a Muslim woman I enjoy being stylish but at the same time, I ensure that my wardrobe doesn’t define who I am. Being stylish and wearing Hijab doesn’t have to clash, as most people think. I love my Hijab and, I also love being stylish and fashionable, but as a Hijabi my faith comes first because it is what gives me direction; it is what I stand for and stand by. By being guided by my conscience and my conscience is constantly tuned by the principles of my faith. There is nothing wrong with being a stylish Muslimah, as long as its within the boundaries of Islamic requirements. The first step is that I concur with the Islamic guidelines for the manner in which a Muslim woman should dress. Secondly, I acknowledge that there is a direct relationship between faith and fashion and style. Faith dwells on the inner beauty and fashion and style deals with the outer beauty. It is therefore of the essence that I am able to identify with the principles of my faith for dressing and understand how to synchronize my fashion sense and stylishness with my faith. These elements help me to be creative, and to find new ways of dressing and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. As much as I love to be fashionable and stylish, its integral for me to strike a balance in how I dress as a Hijabi woman especially in the mindset of modesty and simplicity. Is it imperative that I consciously strive to strike a balance between my inner and outer beauty. Everything in life requires balance and style and faith is no exception to the rule.”

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