Official Hijabi Of The Month February – Mueyna Adebayo

This Month’s Official Hijabi of the Month of January is the beautiful Mueyna Adebayo.

Muinah is a Bi-Racial Muslim girl who was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia. She has lived in three different countries/continents and presently resides in the North America. A graduate of Biochemistry and one of the first Muslim Models to work with top brands in Nigeria despite the stereotypical misrepresentation of Islam and the assumption that a Muslim woman specifically cannot be fashionable, social, intelligent and still be modest.  

You can connect with Muinah on her blogger site, Instagram @mueyna, or Twitter!

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Who is Muinah Adebayo?

At age 9, I started high school and immediately knew I was going to be medically inclined. Although efficient in every subject but the science subjects were the most interesting to me. I was fascinated by the human body and all the organs and systems. This pushed me to study Biochemistry eventually and lean towards the clinical aspect of the course. My practice in both the industrial and clinical aspect of the field has helped to further more shape my love for clinical biochemistry as it’s not only fun to be in the lab performing series of tests but personally I’ve always loved challenges and helping to find the root of a medical problem via laboratory tests/research and getting to the bottom of it is super amazing.  

Everything about the science world fascinates me and God willing, I’m determined to learn more and go further into medical biochemistry and all that it entails. My favourite reminder is “ The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim” … At – Tirmidhi.

When I’m not in school or working, I’m spending time with my family. I come from a pretty large family and I absolutely love it. There’s always someone to talk to, hang out with, watch tv shows/movies with, discuss life happenings. It’s not always rosy but it’s always worth it being around them all. I love Nature Photography and recently started taking pictures of the natural beauty around me, still an amateur but I hope to get better with time.

I’m extremely passionate about volunteering and every chance I get to volunteer I jump at it especially for humanitarian purposes.



When did you start wearing the hijab? Tell us a little about your journey.

Technically I started at the beginning of my secondary school. I attended an Islamic high school and it was part of the uniform. Never taken it off ever since then. It wasn’t at all challenging for me to wear the veil over my head, more so I feel naked without it as it has become a part of my life. The challenging part for me came when I graduated secondary school and went into the real world where people look down on you just because you wear the hijab. After high school, I was mostly the only one who wore the hijab in all my classes towards the end of my course, people assumed I wasn’t intelligent sometimes and say rude things to me more than often or just not associate with me. It was fine at the end anyway, as I like to say “show them the veil over your head doesn’t stop you from being the best you can be and from achieving your dreams” and that’s what I did. Graduated with distinction, best in my department and among the top best three students from the school as a whole. So no, wearing the hijab doesn’t limit what the brain can do.’

If you could give one piece of advice to someone struggling with hijab, what would it be?

I would say, learn about what the hijab means exactly as it is not just the piece of clothing worn over the head. It is much more than that. Absorb its meaning and why Muslim women wear it. Try as much as you can to understand why you want to do it, I promise it will be much easier to wear it & then you wouldn’t have to care about what anyone says about your hijab or when people make fun of you just for wearing the hijab. Don’t wear it to please anyone or because it looks “fashionable”. It is a direct commandment from Allah to observe this and that should be the sole reason, to please and obey your Lord. I know how hard it can be to wear a hijab especially when you live in a secular society but with perseverance, In sha Allah it would become easy for you to do.


Describe a typical day in your life.

As I mentioned earlier, when I’m not working, I spend my free time with family. I also find it relaxing to watch my favourite tv shows, read books & visit new places.


What or who is your biggest inspiration?

My mum.



How do you deal with negativity on the internet or life in general?

Basically, I‘ve realised that people are not going to be all kind and nice to everyone. Most times, people on the internet spew negativity just to make themselves feel better. The best way to avoid negative emotions is to cut out people who constantly brew this. I do this whenever I notice anyone tries to make me feel down or sad about things I shouldn’t even be bothered by. Usually, I would try to find out why but now I don’t bother because I realise some people will just not like you and that is fine. Also, life in general sometimes hit you fast and other times it’s rosy. As humans, we have no control over what happens in our lives so why waste time and energy getting worried or feeling down over what we have no control. Instead, I like to find out why whatever is wrong happened and learn from it so as to avoid it if possible in future and move on. It is not easy but it works. Feeling sad or being negative doesn’t get anything done.


What is your best fashion modest tip for any woman?

Wear whatever you are comfortable in and if it is within the modest bracket. As a Muslim woman, if you can pray in your outfit, that’s a plus! Oh and you can never go wrong with nude colours unless you like bold colours and that’s okay too 🙂



In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing the Muslim world today and how do you think we can overcome it?

I think there are two presently in my opinion. Starting with the stereotypical representation of Muslims by the media and the radical extremists under the umbrella of Islam. This is particularly awful as these people commit atrocities and the media paints their acts as “Islamic”. But I know that among the 1.6 billion Muslims present in the world today Alhamdulillah, the ratio of these extremists to the real Muslims is a very small number. Therefore, as Muslims who understand that Islam is a religion of peace and do not interpret Quranic verses to suit our needs without the proper Tafsir can rise up and show the world what Islam really is first by making waves in our communities and representing Islam the only way it should be represented, as being Peaceful. This way we can rally against these people together for they are not only enemies to other religions, they are by far the greatest enemies of Islam. The media also needs to stop painting Muslims as bad people and start showing the world what many Muslims have achieved and what they do daily to make the earth a better place for us all. If this can become the norm, no one would be scared of sitting next to a Muslim on a plane in the nearest future or judging a Muslim woman for wearing the hijab.

Also, the fashion industry is stepping up and embracing modest fashion but I would really like our Muslim sisters to portray the Hijab properly in the fashion industry. The fashion industry doesn’t know what the hijab is or how the headscarf should be worn unless we show them how so we make the rules and they will accept it as I’ve seen in my modelling career and from the news recently but unfortunately some people with the high fashion influences are trying to make the hijab what it is not just to blend in and that’s sad. It would be really great if as the hijab is being recognised & accepted gradually in the fashion industry that it is not misrepresented if we can help it and only Allah knows best.


Favorite Quote or Hadith of the prophet?

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “The best among you are those who have the best manners and character.” Sahih al-Bukhari



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