Official Hijabis’ TV “Cute & Modest” #WorldHijabDay

For some people, the hijab is a sign of oppression. Many think that hijab-wearing women are forced to conceal their hair and bodies, or worse, brainwashed into thinking it is the proper way to dress.

But what do these women really think of their way of dressing?

Empowerment, freedom, and expression of religious love is the message the ‘World Hijab Day’ wishes to impart as it invites women from all over the world to wear a veil and liberate themselves.

The event was created by Nazma Khan, a New York resident, who wanted to foster religious tolerance and understanding by inviting both non-Muslim and non-Hijabi Muslims to join the event on February 1st.

Official Hijabi TV is launching ‘Cute & Modest’ in honor of World Hijab day. We’re contributing from Official Hijabi our creatives in order to show to world Islam is beautiful, the hijab is beautiful. Insha’Allah we’ll be feeding you with more, more, and more inspiring visuals. 


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