Please Don’t Call Me Baby

That’s right, please DO NOT CALL ME BABY. I’m not a baby and I am most definitely not YOUR baby. I cringe anytime a guy decides to call me baby or sweety or dear. And it’s almost as if they can sense it, because it keeps happening. 

The other day, I sent a message to a co-worker reminding him to finish working on his paperwork so that the following Monday we could go and submit it to the relevant office which was somewhat far away and so we had agreed to go together. His reply was ‘thanks baby’ and some other things which I don’t remember. I was stuck at “baby”. Before you start filling in blanks that aren’t there, let me clarify; my co-worker is a happily married father of two and was not trying to flirt with me. So why call me baby? 

I complained to my sisters frustrated that men seem to find it okay to call women baby whenever they feel like it. What should happen a week later? My sister’s doctor sends her a message in which he calls her baby! Need I say more?! 

Since then it has happened in different situations, with different words and I’ve had enough. I am not your baby, your sweetheart or your dear, so please stop addressing me as such. 

Even though I am realizing that without my knowledge these terms of endearment have become part of the lingua franca and people seem to use them without even thinking about it, I still refuse to be called a term of endearment by someone who is not dear to me. 

I believe terms of endearment are special and should be used on special occasions by special people to convey special meaning. But turning them into words that are used without thought not only strips them of their meaning, but turns them into something ugly. 

Or perhaps, I’m simply overreacting and there’s nothing wrong with a co-worker, a doctor, a stranger, a neighbour calling me baby…. 



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