”So flee to Allah”

Sometimes you feel breathless,
Drowning in a materialistic society,
People around you are changing,
Everybody is running towards Dunya,
You feel so alone,
A stranger in this worldly life.

You feel lost.
Trying so hard to fit in but you can’t.

You are normal, my brother and sister.

You know why?
Because this world as beautiful as it seems is not a muslim-friendly environment,
You’ll never belong here!

Dunya, is full of delusions and temptations.
Dunya, is where Death can end your unaccomplished dreams.
Dunya, is your exam paper.

Whenever you feel like drowning in Dunya,
Remember this Ayah
“So flee to Allah”
Run to Allah,
Ask him for guidance,
We’re lost without His mercy.

You are not alone in this.
And also remember,
Jannah ain’t cheap.

May Allah bless you all with infinite happiness in both worlds (Dunya-Akhirah)

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