There Is Still Hope

It’s not the end till the very end.

Let’s think about this, what are we assured in this life as a whole apart from death? We aren’t assured tomorrow, or the next second, we aren’t assured graduating or getting married, having a dream job or living till we’re old and grey, we don’t know the future all we know is that we are going to die. Every single living thing dies, even the plants. I’m not trying to scare you, but where am I heading to? Keep reading.

The body dies but the soul lives forever.

Jannah and Jahannam do exist, after death there is no death, if you fall into the wrong end it is eternal you can’t kill yourself to be free from the suffering of the fire, it is forever remember this.

How many times do we knowingly commit sins but we do them because they are our heart desires. From the tiniest of things like talking about someone, which we may think is nothing, but is a very terrible sin. We are humans, Allah made us imperfect, we commit sins it is our nature but we need to try our best to abstain from them. Allah tests us, because He loves us, it is a way Allah tries to bring us back to Him, we need to pass these tests. We all desire things, some things we want are bad for us, but because of the kind of creatures we are we do not want to let them go.

Look for the Halal way.

If your heart desires are eating you up, look for a halal way to go around it. For example, you love someone, marry them. Trust me, it will save you the cost of sinning and day dreaming of sins. Don’t care about what people say, do it for your soul and for his/hers. Parents might make it hard, you’re too young, you don’t have a job, but to be honest there are easy ways to go around it, explain this to them in details, trust me once they see where you are coming from they will consider it or even give you better advice.

If you do things for the sake that you fear that the other way will hinder your relationship with Allah, Allah will lead you to an easier way or He would make it easy for you.

For other desires that may not have a halal alternative, strike them out of your list and try not to think about it. It might be scary but it’s true, what if the day you decide to engage in them is the day you die? Would it be worth it at that time? People die every single day, in different ways some in the act of worship (May ALLAH take our souls when He is most pleased with us, Ameen) and some in the act of the most terrible sins. Change now! Don’t wait for tomorrow, how are you sure of the next minute?

So what now?

Don’t be scared if you feel you’ve done too much. In Qur’an 39:53, Allah (SWT) says:

Say, “O! My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”

Even if you happen to read this at a party, or a club, or in your room wherever you are make the move from that point.

So I’ll help you start, turn your music down or walk out of that house or club or party, take off those clothes, have your bath, perform ablution and pray to your Lord, ask Allah for forgiveness and begin again. Start all over again it is never too late to change, as long as you are breathing you have a chance, you have a chance till Allah sends death. So start now. I know you can.

May ALLAH forgive and help us all, Ameen.


Fatima Taini Ozeto

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